Kithul Jaggery

Our best quality Kithul Jaggery is made from palm juice without using any chemicals from Sri Lanka. Pam Tree called “Kithul Tree” in the local language and also, Karupatti is the Tamil name of Kithul Jaggery. However, It is the best sweetener of Sri Lankan cookery and the best replacement for sugar. At Acril Spice Island, we are supplying fully organic Palm Jaggery wholesale in Sri Lanka.

Further, Jaggery palm cultivates organically and in Sri Lanka, we finds in spice gardens. It means in the same estate you can buy such a spices Pepper, Cloves, cardamom.

In addition, now Kithul Jaggery uses as a flavor of modern sweet desserts. For example, Cake, Watalappam, Ice cream, and available in large confectionery stores.

It is the best natural alternative for sugar, when you take tea or coffee.

Get the most affordable and competitive price for the Palm Jaggery in Sri Lanka for wholesale order. And, you can buy in bulk or private label packaging at Acril Spice Island.

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