Best quality Peppercorns from Acril Spice Island

Pepper is one of the most popular spices across the world. And, it is a very common spice in every kitchen. We supply the most sought-after black pepper in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you can buy organic black peppercorns, conventional black pepper, as well as white pepper, and red pepper in Sri Lanka from us. In addition, at Acril Spice island, we guarantee you the best black pepper wholesale price in Sri Lanka. Further, you can buy peppercorns online and bulk black peppercorns at the best wholesale price through our website. Acril Spice Island produces organic black peppercorns at our own estates in Sri Lanka. And, we collect pepper from carefully selected farmers and lands certified by the USDA, EU, and JAS. Therefore, now you can Buy Black Pepper, white pepper, and red pepper organic and conventional versions from one place.

There are a lot of black pepper exporters in Sri Lanka. Yet, we are known as the best black pepper export company in Sri Lanka, due to our fast service, quality, and customer care.

Pepper Cultivation In Sri Lanka

Peppercorns is a fruit that comes with loads of health benefits. Further, peppercorns grow as a vine in tropical areas. It is native to South Asia.

In Sri Lanka, major cultivation areas of pepper are Kandy, Matale, Kegalle, Badulla, Ratnapura, Monaragala, and Kurunegala. In addition, these areas have a loamy soil condition as well as 20º C – 30ºC temperature. It is the optimum condition for the best pepper cultivation.

Buy Black Pepper for Your Kitchen

We largely produce black pepper in different colors (white, green, reddish pink). The final black color comes from the oxidation during the drying process.

Further, Sri Lanka Black peppercorns carry a strong floral flavor. It is perfect to cook as well as to produce essential oil.

Also, we use Pepper as a spice and flavoring agent (perfumery and pharmaceutical industries) in the food industry.

However, Sri Lankan black pepper gets a special place in the pepper market because of its Piperine content.

Piperine is the bioactive compound of black pepper. And Sri Lanka black pepper gives a higher percentage of piperine contents among other peppercorns. Therefore, it is the best black pepper for your kitchen.

White pepper

White Pepper or White Peppercorns comes without the outer pericarp of berries/peppercorns. Therefore, we need to remove the outer layer of peppercorns to produce white pepper.

Further, white pepper is best for white sauces and potato dishes. And, also both black and white pepper are available in both whole and powder forms at Acril Tea.

Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil is steam distilled from the crushed pepper fruit. It gives a strong and sharp fragrance that stimulates and energizes. Acril Spice Island GUARANTEES black pepper oil that is aromatically superior and more effective than any other type of oil.

Bulk Peppercorns/Black Pepper Wholesale

At Acril Spice Island, we supply the best quality black pepper/Peppercorns from our own garden in Sri Lanka. Get the most affordable and competitive price for the Black Pepper wholesale order. And, you can buy Black Pepper in bulk or private label packaging at Acril Spice Island.

Our pepper production features a wide range of fresh, whole, and organic peppercorns in Sri Lanka.