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Sri Lanka is the land of spices and Acril spice island is the place to buy Sri Lankan spices online. Acril Spice Island offers a wide range of spices in Sri Lanka. And, you can now buy the best quality spices wholesale all under one roof. In addition, we are also the most popular wholesale spice supplier in Sri Lanka, for both organic and conventional spices. We also do spices private labeling in Sri Lanka. We guarantee all our buyers, the best price for all spices, herbs, and culinary ingredients in Sri Lanka.

Spice cultivation in Sri Lanka – Acril Spice Island

Sri Lanka is simply a paradise of spices.  The great climatic and soil conditions of the island help grow the best quality spices. Therefore, we are blessed to produce a large variety of spices for the international market. , Sri Lanka is the home to  Ceylon cinnamon, Ceylon pepper, cloves, cardamoms, Turmeric, nutmeg, mace, moringa, and vanilla. At Acril Spice Island, we grow and harvest all premium quality spices in Sri Lanka, at our own estates. Specially, as we don’t use MOQ, our spices are all-natural and chemical-free.

Let's start the spice business!

We supply both large and small quantities of spices. Therefore, you can depend on us even if you are just starting your spice business. Although, prices for all Sri Lankan spices depend on the order quantity. And, large orders, will get our special discounts, which is highly exciting!

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